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Every author needs an editor.

As Coordinating Editor of the Online Egyptological Bibliography, I wrote, reviewed, or edited over half of its 100,000+ abstracts, covering diverse topics on history, literature, architecture, archaeology, and many other subjects that pertain to ancient Egypt.

For some abstracts, particularly those excellent examples written by past editors of the OEB's forerunner, the Annual Egyptological Bibliography, this was a matter of adapting them to meet the standards of a modern descriptive abstract. Others required somewhat more work to ensure that they became a succinct, readable, and consistent précis of a book or article.

This experience means that I will be able to edit your work, no matter what its subject or intended audience, so that it matches the professional tone and style expected by academic publishers.

What to expect

Five years of daily experience editing to a professional standard ensures that:

- I will rectify any inconsistencies or errors in grammar and punctuation. I favour the Oxford comma and English spelling conventions, but will adhere to publisher's stipulations.

- I will note where paragraph or sentence structure detracts from the flow of a piece. In most cases I will also be able to suggest options for correcting this, such as moving a paragraph or sentence to a more appropriate position, or the inclusion of a suitable linking sentence.

- I will suggest alternatives to vocabulary, so that words or phrases have a stronger academic impact. The right word in the right place can contribute to a more nuanced argument.

- I will adapt any writing a professional academic tone, one that is appropriate to the intended audience of the piece.

- I will utilize the 'Track Changes' function of Microsoft Word, so that any changes that I make or suggest are evident at a glance.

- I will agree a fee with you beforehand, based on an estimate of the time required to professionally edit your book or article. I will never change an agreed-upon fee.

- I will complete the commission in a timely fashion, and will either delete the file or retain it as a back-up copy, at your discretion.

- I will reveal neither the title or content of your book or article without your express permission.

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